Lower School Traditions

The Lower School has many beloved traditions, including Literary Society, Kindergarten-Senior Buddy Program, Lower School-Middle School Buddy Program and Fall Festival.
Literary Society:
The Lower School Literary Society tradition is a friendly oratorical competition, with meetings held in the fall and spring each year. The societies were established by our founder, Dr. Chamberlayne, over 100 years ago in order to develop poise and public speaking skills in all students. Upon joining the Lower School, boys are assigned to one of two societies: the Chamberlayne Reds or the Chamberlayne Grays. Each homeroom memorizes poems and declaims them in front of an audience, with points awarded to the team who performed the best. At the completion of six meetings, the total number of points is tallied and the society with the most points claims the Chamberlayne Cup at our Fifth Grade Final Program.

Kindergarten-Senior Buddy Program
The Kindergarten-Senior Buddy Program fosters development of a special relationship between some of our youngest Saints and our graduating Seniors. These memorable moments begin early each school year when the big boys escort their Kindergarten Buddy to our all-school opening chapel. Throughout the year, buddies enjoy opportunities together on the playground, in the classroom and at other all-school events.

Lower School-Middle School Buddy Program:
The Lower School-Middle School Buddy Program provides an opportunity for students from both divisions to come together and participate in monthly activities that are academic, athletic, service-oriented, and just plain fun. Each Lower School homeroom is paired with advisories from the Middle School. These collaborative partnerships allow the boys to develop authentic relationships throughout the current school year and for years to come.

Fall Festival:
Every October, the Saints community comes together for the School's biggest fundraiser, Fall Festival. This event, which began almost 50 years ago, hosts thousands of students, friends and neighbors with bounce houses, food, games, music and merriment.