Rising 11th - 12th Graders
SESSION I: June 13 - July 10 
SESSION II: June 27 - July 24
This course for credit fulfills St. Christopher’s religion requirement for 11th-12th grade. Since this course will take place entirely online, students will need a reliable internet connection for its duration. We will read and discuss the classic models for making moral decisions and examine contemporary ethical issues occurring in our society today. Included in our survey are Cultural Relativism, Natural Law, Divine Command, Egoism, Utilitarianism, and Kantianism. Assessments will take a number of forms and will be completed online. This course is designed for students who are self-motivated and organized.

All coursework will be completed asynchronously in a self-paced fashion, with assignments due on Thursday and Sunday nights. Class size is limited to 30 students.

J.D. Jump, Master of Divinity, St. Christopher’s Upper School Multimedia & Technology Specialist

Carey Pohanka, St. Christopher’s Upper School Instructional Technologist