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Rising 10th - 12th Graders 
June 10 - July 8 (Hybrid) 
June 10-14, July 1-3: On Campus (9 a.m. - Noon) 
June 15-30: Online and Asynchronous (digital final exam due on Monday, July 8)

Students will focus on the backdrop provided by the Old Testament as found in Genesis and Exodus, as well as the fulfillment of God’s plan for mankind through Jesus Christ as related in the New Testament Gospels. This Biblical Studies course is typically taken for a semester in the 10th grade and is required of ALL St. Christopher’s students. 

In order to receive credit for the course, students must attend all classes on campus (June 10-14, July 1-3) and be prepared to participate fully in online assignments (June 15-30). The final exam will be due electronically on Monday, July 8.

Students will need access to the Bible (any format or version). Class size is limited. 

Karen Wray, Upper School Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Upper School French Teacher, and Upper School Religion Teacher