College Timeline

The college search should be an exciting process, an opportunity to think about who you are and to make decisions about your future. The St. Christopher’s College Counseling Office works individually with each student and family to understand a process that can seem mysterious and stressful, develop a list of appropriate options, and advise on all phases of the admissions process.

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  • Freshman Year

    As a freshman you best prepare for college by becoming a good high school student.
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  • Sophomore Year

    The sophomore year is an important year of maturity and growth for most St. Christopher’s students. With rare exceptions, by the end of the sophomore year most boys are the students they will be for the rest of high school.
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  • Junior Year

    “The junior year is the true measure of a St. Christopher’s student, in that it is both the most challenging year academically and also the point at which most boys mature and take their education seriously.” That sentence is found in many college recommendation letters for seniors. 90% of St. Christopher’s students do their best work as juniors despite the fact that the workload is more intense and demanding.
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  • Senior Year

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