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Strength of community has served as a cornerstone of St. Christopher’s success since its founding. The Second Century Vision reinforces St. Christopher’s commitment to a school community that is diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. From the Board of Governors, through our faculty and families, to the student body, the value of diversity is recognized and advanced through policy initiatives, curriculum and programming, and commitment of school resources.  

Together we strive to:
  • attract and retain qualified adults and students who represent a cross-section of central Virginia, the United States, and the world;
  • cultivate a welcoming community in keeping with our Episcopal identity;
  • enrich students’ and adults’ appreciation of differences; and
  • develop the essential qualities of honor and trust, empathy, global engagement, and the ability to work collaboratively.
As a boys’ school, we partner with our sister school, St. Catherine’s, to continue building our inclusive community. 


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  • Board of Governor's Committee on Community and Inclusion

    The Board of Governors maintains a standing committee on Community and Inclusion, making St. Christopher’s one of very few independent schools that maintains a standing board committee devoted to matters of diversity.
  • Saints for Social Justice

    We strive to promote awareness and empathy in matters of diversity, tolerance, inclusion, equality, and social justice.

    We seek to keep a pulse on the ethos within the collective consciousnesses of the student body and community at large with regard to these same matters.

    We aim to serve as a resource for the community--to listen, promote and facilitate discussion, and inform, and to help St. Christopher’s to live by Dr. King’s words, that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
  • Faculty Professional Development

    • We are a ‘leader school’ for the Virginia Diversity Network, which provides professional development and student programming throughout the state.  The current president of VDN’s board is a St. Christopher’s faculty member.  
    • Every year the school sends faculty to the National Association of Independent School’s People of Color Conference, the largest and most comprehensive diversity conference in the nation.  In the past decade nearly thirty faculty from across all three school divisions visits have been made to PoCC. 
  • Student Conferences

    • The school annually sends students to an array of inclusion/diversity conferences and workshops.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Student Advising and Mentoring

    • The Peer Advisor program, in which juniors and seniors advisors work with freshmen on a host of developmental projects, includes curricular elements on inclusion, diversity and multicultural topics.
  • Chapel Program

    • From foundations elements such as the thoughtful use of inclusive language with lower school students, to guest speakers that broaden and deepen how middle and upper schoolers think about the challenging work of inclusion - our chapel program helps reinforce the school’s central messages that we are each part of something greater than ourself and that we each have unique gifts to share.
  • Experiential Learning

    • As a leader among boys school, we recognize that most boys learn best by doing. Thus, from activities honoring the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, to service trips abroad (e.g., Costa Rica), to a host of X-Term projects that place inclusion and service to others at their center (e.g., From Chamberlayne to McVey: Fostering Inclusive Communities), our boys live the lessons of a multicultural education through experiential learning.
  • Community Events

    • Partnering with our sister school, St. Catherine’s, we host regular events not only to bind together our schools, but also to celebrate the cultural richness of the Saints’ community and connect with the Richmond area.
  • Core Curriculum

    While special events and programs can emphasize the importance of community and inclusion, boys learn what they live on a day to day basis. Thus, our core curriculum is infused with elements that reinforce the value of diversity and each individual’s background. It is vital for us that the essential qualities we hold dear (e.g., honor, trust, empathy, and global engagement) are woven into curriculum/program. Representative examples include, but are certainly not limited to the “flat” classroom in  first grade, the Thailand Peace Corps project in fifth grade, the K-5 Spanish program, and seventh grade Forum classes.

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