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“One thing that all of our Lower School teachers have in common is that we love working with young boys. We love their boundless physical energy, their limitless creativity, the fact that they’re intuitive leaders and they handle responsibility well – even at very young ages. We love that boys are risk-takers – they often act before they think. Boys are often disorganized; they live in the moment and don’t always think ahead. Boys make great friends – they’re incredibly loyal and dependable. And, my personal favorite, the fact that boys are very funny -- they have irreverent senses of humor. At St. Christopher’s we see these classic boy qualities as gifts.”
-- Dave Menges, Lower School Head
Welcome to the Lower School
St. Christopher’s understands that boys need to be actively engaged in their learning. For an experience to have impact, boys must use information in real and meaningful ways. Physical activity and movement enhance all learning opportunities.
In Lower School science, for example, students studying Newton’s Laws of Motion work collaboratively in groups to measure how high balls bounce from various heights. Kindergarten classes use pumpkins to integrate learning of math, science, and reading. Students learn Voicethread to read out loud and listen to fluency. Through Skype, Spanish classes engage in conversations with students and teachers at a school in Mexico.
Other Lower School highlights:
  • An English tea with St. Catherine’s students to supplement the Kindergarten study of Great Britain;
  • A first-grade celebration of American Indians with St. Catherine’s pen pals;
  • Colonial Day where third-grade students, teachers and parents wear costumes and take part in authentic early American activities;
  • A fourth grade stock market game;
  • Tasting Day when fourth and fifth graders prepare, serve and sample foods from around the country;
  • Business Day where fifth grade students visit places of Richmond area places of business;
  • A fifth grade wax museum where students research and dress as famous people;
  • Regular chapel service to bind us as a community and to inspire boys to show consideration and care for others;
  • Ongoing service projects;
  • A mentoring program with Middle School boys;
  • A school garden where students plant and harvest fruits and vegetables;
  • Battle of the Books, a group competition for boys and their fathers;
  • A school musical that combines classes from each level;
  • Society Days, biannual poetry recitations where elected Literary Society officers and the Lower School Leader preside;
  • Student music recitals and choral concerts;
  • An active Parents Association that hosts seminars and social gatherings;
  • Field trips to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Monticello, Mount Vernon, the Frontier Culture Museum, the Science Museum and other Richmond area historical places.
Meet the Lower School Head
Lower School Literary Society
Nov. 2014 Literary Society, Grades 2-3
Fifth graders visit Egypt via Skype
Fifth graders visit Egypt via Skype
Ms. Renee Fraine's fifth grade class took a trip to Cairo, Egypt. Ok, not literally, but on Skype, the boys got a true glimpse of what is currently happening in a place of turmoil.

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Third Grade Colonial Day
Colonial Day
St. Christopher's and St. Catherine's third graders come together every year for Colonial Day in the Lower School. Students, dress in colonial garb, participate in cooking, crafts and games to better understand the historical period.