Global Online Academy

Global Online Academy (GOA)
Rising 9th – 12th Graders
June 17 – August 2
$750 for St. Christopher’s students
$1,000 for non-St. Christopher’s students

Global Online Academy courses encourage students to pursue their passions and connect with classmates and a teacher from many different schools, all while not being tied to a single location. Designed to cover the same material and be as rigorous as our semester and year long courses, GOA summer courses are teacher-paced, mostly asynchronous online courses that focus on students applying course concepts to relevant, real world issues. Students should anticipate a significant amount of active learning: conducting interviews, engaging their location and community, doing research, and collaborating on projects. While these courses are online, students do not spend all of their work time looking at a computer.

Courses Offered

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  • Abnormal Psychology

    This course focuses on psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, character disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and depression. As students examine these and other disorders they will learn about their symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments.
  • Computer Science I: Computational Thinking

    This introductory level course focuses on thinking like a computer scientist, especially understanding how computer scientists define and solve problems.
  • Computer Science II: Java

    This course teaches students how to write programs in the Java programming language.
  • Fiction Writing

    This course connects students interested in creative writing (primarily short fiction) and provides a space for supportive and constructive feedback. Students gain experience in the workshop model, learning how to effectively critique and discuss one another's writing in a digital environment.
  • Introduction to Investments

    In this course, students simulate the work of investors by working with the tools, theories, and decision-making practices that define smart investment.
  • Introduction to Psychology

    What does it mean to think like a psychologist? With this question anchoring Introduction to Psychology, students explore three central psychological perspectives -- the behavioral, the cognitive, and the sociocultural -- in order to develop a multi-faceted understanding of what thinking like a psychologist encompasses.
  • Medical Problem Solving I

    In this course students will collaboratively solve medical mystery cases, similar to the approach used in many medical schools. Students enhance their critical thinking skills as they examine data, draw conclusions, diagnose, and treat patients.
  • Number Theory

    Once thought of as the purest but least applicable part of mathematics, number theory is now by far the most commonly applied: every one of the millions of secure internet transmissions occurring each second is encrypted using ideas from number theory.
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