"On my honor as a gentleman, I have neither given nor received any help on this paper, nor am I aware of any breach of the Honor Code."

Honor System

The development of honor plays a fundamental role in the experience of a boy at St. Christopher’s. At each level of the school, the boys are taught to value and nurture personal integrity and community responsibility. The unique union between the students and the Honor System at St. Christopher’s separates it from other schools.

At its core, the Honor System requires from each student a commitment to refuse to tolerate lying, cheating, or stealing. The School strives to have students think, “Honor, first” and to practice honorable behavior at all times.

To invest students into the process as completely as possible, the School entrusts the Honor System to the student led Honor Council. The Council is charged with actively promoting the notion of honorable behavior throughout the campus and with adjudicating breaches of the code when they occur. Students from each grade level serve on the Council. Faculty members advise the Council but are not voting members of the body.


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  • Lower School

    Leadership through responsibility happens daily in the Lower School and there are countless leadership opportunities available for the boys.
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  • Middle School

    We have a variety of traditional leadership opportunities as part of our Honor Council, Student Council, Missionary Society, performance music groups and sports teams.
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  • Upper School

    Our program on leadership is accomplished predominantly through a grade level approach. Under the leadership of the Grade Level Chair, the grade level advisors and faculty consider the overall goals of the program, the specific nature and personality of each class, and the needs within the student body as a whole in a given year and develop formal and informal activities to develop the leadership potential within each boy. In addition to the goals presented below, we offer a leadership workshop in August for all elected student leaders, including team captains.
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St. Christopher's School seeks to emphasize leadership through an intentional, developmentally appropriate program that complements the academic curriculum.