St. Christopher’s PA Treasury Guidelines

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  • Reimbursements

    Reimbursement requests, either general or for joint school activities, should be submitted to Heather Smith, St. Christopher's Controller, ideally within 2 weeks of any expense incurred on behalf of the PA.

    The reimbursement request and accompanying receipts should be sent to:

    Heather Smith

    Include your receipt(s) or invoice(s) with the request form. If you need a reimbursement or check within 48 hours, please call or email Heather Smith:
    • Phone: 804-282-3185
    • Email:
    Note: As our fiscal year ends June 30th, 2018, no reimbursement requests will not be accepted after this date.
  • School Charges

    • Dining Hall: If you choose to have refreshments through the Dining Hall for committee meetings or events, place those orders through Cricket O’Connor, Special Events Coordinator (#282-3185 ext. 5326). DO NOT place an order directly to the Dining Hall.

    • Bookstore: If you charge purchases at the Bookstore, let the clerks know that the charge is for Parents Association and which committee is making the charge. Notify Elly of the expense.

    • Postage: Electronic communication is strongly encouraged to save on printing and postage costs. Every effort should be made to send out all invitations, notices, and reminders this way.
  • Tax-exempt Status

    Please remember, with few exceptions, St. Christopher’s is not required to pay sales tax because of our tax-exempt status. Therefore, the PA does not reimburse sales tax. In addition, many merchants give us automatic discounts. If you need a copy of the tax exempt letter, please contact Tish Taylor in the Business Office or Cricket O’Connor, Special Events Coordinator. Or you may choose to consider the sales tax a donation.
  • In-Kind Donations

    There may be times when you decide to pay for expenses out of your own pocket, viewing it as a “donation” to the school. Please accept our thanks and do let Elly know of your donation by email, no matter how large or small  and if you would like a receipt for an “IN KIND” donation. In order to have a complete picture of what it costs to sustain our activities and events, we need to know all of the expenses. Thank you!
  • Income

    When fees are collected for a specific event, checks should be made to St. Christopher’s Parents Association (NOT the school) and should be turned in promptly. See separate guidelines for treasury procedures relating to joint events with St. Catherine's.


Please contract Heather Smith, St. Christopher's Controller

If you are unable to create a PDF of your completed form and accompanying receipts, please take a photo of these items instead. Thank you.
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