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Building Leaders RVA

St. Christopher's School has prepared boys for lives of leadership for more than 100 years. The School strives to instill in students a commitment to make a positive impact on the Richmond community and beyond and to develop in them the character, wisdom, and life skills necessary to make a difference.
Building Leaders RVA brings together high school students from the greater Richmond community to discover their own personal style of leadership through interactive, team-building activities. This group of students meets monthly, getting to know one another and the RVA community as they engage in various program activities. Additionally, this group will create and implement Rising Leaders RVA, a speaker-based forum for 7th graders from the surrounding area that emphasizes the importance of building relationships with leaders at a local level in order to empower today's youth.

Goals of the Program

  • Connect students with peers from other schools and community leaders;
  • Empower students to discover and develop their own leadership qualities to affect positive change;
  • Provide students with a significant learning/leadership experience prior to college;
  • Build relationships with local organizations to strengthen the community.

The Foundation

At the heart of Building Leaders RVA is a group of students who will become a community of peers. Each comes with individual skills and perspectives acquired through varied life experiences that will, in time, enrich the whole.  Over the course of the program, students will come together, both virtually and face-to-face, for a multi-faceted experience designed to explore the concept of leadership.  

They will consider the following questions: What does it mean to be a leader? What skills do good leaders possess? Who are the leaders in Richmond? What organizations are they leading? How do these organizations contribute to the city we call home? They will explore personal styles of leadership through interactive, team-building activities while connecting with peers from other schools and local organizations.

Building Leaders RVA wants Students Who…

  • Care about their community;
  • Seek opportunities to meet new people;
  • Aspire to be strong leaders;
  • Pursue their passion;
  • Dream of changing the world.

Program Contacts

List of 3 members.

  • Sarah Mansfield 

    Assistant Head of School
    (804) 282-3185 x5360
    Virginia Commonwealth University - BA
    Virginia Commonwealth University - MT, EdD
  • Andrew "Andy" Taibl 

    Associate Director of Athletics and Leadership Programming
    (804) 282-3185 x5333
    Washington College - BA
  • Christine "Christie" Wilson 

    Director of Middle School Student Life, Teacher of Mathematics, Dir. of Sat. Academy & Summer Instit
    (804) 282-3185 x2626
    Randolph Macon College - BA
    Johns Hopkins University - MS
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