Financial Aid

St. Christopher’s offers approximately $3 million to help deserving students who could not otherwise afford to attend.

Financial aid is funded in part by tuition and through significant support from alumni, parents, friends, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, foundations and the school’s endowment.

All financial information is held in strictest confidence and is reviewed only by those directly responsible for determining need. Admission decisions are made independently of finances; a family is informed of a grant after admission is offered.

How Need is Determined

Families file a Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) with the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), a division of the National Association of Independent Schools. For information, visit Based on financial information provided by a family, SSS calculates what funds a family should have available for educational expenses. Using this information, the school determines the amount of aid we can offer. Awards are made on a yearly basis. A PFS must be filed each year in order to renew aid. The school will make adjustments if financial needs change.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

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  • Step 1: Express Interest in Applying for Aid

    Indicate on the application for admission that you are interested in financial aid. Our office will send the instructions for applying in December of the year preceding enrollment. If your son is currently enrolled and receives financial aid, this information will automatically be sent. If your son is enrolled but not currently receiving aid, call the office to request instructions.
  • Step 2: Access the PFS

    Once an application for admission is filed or a request for a returning student is sent, you may access the PFS by going to A copy of IRS Form 1040 for the current year must be sent to SSS before a grant is credited to a student’s account.
  • Step 3: For Self-Employed Parents

    Parents who are self-employed need to complete the SSS Business and Farm Statement and submit it to SSS. That form can be downloaded from the SSS website.
  • Step 4: For Parents who are Separated or Divorced

    In cases where parents are separated or divorced, both parents should complete the Parents' Financial Statement. St. Christopher's will consider the assets of both natural parents, if living, before making an award.

Alternative Payment Plans

To help you better manage your student's educational expenses, St. Christopher's School offers the services of Tuition Management Systems. The interest-free payment plan allows families to allocate school expenses over smaller monthly installments, which are paid over the course of the school year. The only cost is an enrollment fee which ranges from $35 to $70 depending on the plan selected. Payment options include a 4 equal pay plan or a monthly option.

The Monthly Payment Plan begins March 1 for 10 months ending in December, April 1 for 9 months ending in December or 4 equal installments paid in June, August, October and December. More information will be included with your son's enrollment contract.

Did you know?

Approximately 23% of St. Christopher's students receive some form of need-based financial aid, with an average grant of $12,810 for 2017-2018. This school year St. Christopher’s awarded approximately $3 million in need-based aid to its students, ranging from grants of less than $2,000 to grants encompassing nearly all of the tuition cost. A variety of loan and payment plans are available in order to make St. Christopher's affordable to a range of families. St. Christopher's is committed to ensuring that all qualified students are able to attend St. Christopher's through its need-blind admission program, which ensures that admission to the School is independent of need.

Tuition 2017-2018

Lower School
Jr. Kindergarten: $ 15,775
Kindergarten: $ 22,150
Grades 1, 2: $ 22,475
Grades 3, 4, 5: $ 24,425

Middle School
Grades 6, 7, 8: $ 25,675

Upper School
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12: $ 27,275

Additional Fees apply. See the full schedule of Tuition and Fees.

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