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St. Christopher’s is a committed global leader in understanding, engaging, and teaching boys effectively. We help boys develop the character, wisdom, and life skills required to succeed in college and to make a positive impact as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Our faculty is passionate about teaching here— not in spite of boys’ unique characteristics—but because of them.

Our special partnership with St. Catherine’s School combines the benefits of a focused, single-sex education with the best elements of a coed experience.

Our curriculum helps us discover what is unique in every boy. We build on their strengths, help them gain confidence, and allow them to discover and express themselves, while instilling values that will guide them throughout their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Why should I choose an all boys school?

    At St. Christopher’s we believe that boys and girls develop and learn differently. Our faculty understands boys and their cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  • Q. What kind of students are you looking for?

    St. Christopher’s is looking for bright, motivated boys of high moral character who would benefit from and contribute to a rigorous academic program in a nurturing environment.
  • Q. Are all the boys alike?

    Our boys bring and develop diverse talents and interests, and St. Christopher’s encourages active participation in a global, interconnected world. Approximately half of our boys are Episcopalians and students of Protestant, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and other faiths are also represented. Minority students comprise approximately 11.5 percent of the population. Furthermore, our students come from 61 different zip codes, and more than 29% of them receive some level of financial assistance.
  • Q. How does St. Christopher’s emphasize values?

    As a church school, boys meet in chapel three times a week. Lessons focus on helping others, getting along with others, and developing integrity and sportsmanship. Community service begins in kindergarten and continues through Upper School with a 50-hour graduation requirement. The student-run Honor System, built on mutual respect and trust, is the foundation of our community.
  • Q. How do new students fit in?

    St. Christopher's is an open community where students and faculty in every division welcome newcomers. Various welcoming events and summer programs are in place to help with social and academic adjustments. Many new students progress to top leadership positions, serving as class officers, team captains, and extracurricular group heads.
  • Q. Who comprises your faculty?

    Our 178 faculty members are a mix of talented and diverse males and females and almost 60 percent have an advanced degree. An average tenure of 12 years insures continuity of programs. The faculty serves not just as teachers, but also as coaches, mentors, and role models.
  • Q. What is your college placement record?

    Our college placement record is excellent; virtually 100% of our graduates go on to outstanding four-year colleges. The guidance process is individualized for each student based on his interests, his record, and the best college match. The performance of our graduates and their consistent success (100 students recognized in the past 10 years) in the National Merit, Hispanic and Achievement competitions has established St. Christopher's fine reputation among the nation’s top colleges.  Last year over 100 colleges visited our campus to meet with our students.
  • Q. Where do St. Christopher’s students live?

    Representing a broad geographic area, our students come from 61 different zip codes in and around the metro area. Approximately fifty-eight percent live in the near West End, 11.6 percent live in the far West End, and 15 percent come from south of the James River and the Tri-Cities areas. Between 2 to 4 percent live in each: Goochland, Hanover, North Side, the Fan and the East End. The remaining students come from points as far away as Kents Store, Stevensville, Fredericksburg and Amelia.
  • Q. What kinds of families choose St. Christopher's?

    St. Christopher’s current students represent 861 families. In 51 percent of the families, both parents work outside the home. There are currently 148 fathers here who are alumni and 292 families have girls who attend St. Catherine’s, our sister school.
  • Q. How can one afford St. Christopher’s?

    St. Christopher’s seeks a broad and diverse pool of talented students. Approximately 24% of St. Christopher's students receive some form of need-based financial aid, with an average grant of $12,810 for 2017-2018. This school year St. Christopher’s awarded approximately $3 million in need-based aid to its students, ranging from grants of less than $2,000 to grants encompassing nearly all of the tuition cost. A variety of loan and payment plans are available in order to make St. Christopher's affordable to a range of families. St. Christopher's is committed to ensuring that all qualified students are able to attend St. Christopher's through its need-blind admission program, which ensures that admission to the School is independent of need.
  • Q. How can I prepare my son for testing?

    There is no test preparation necessary for Lower and Middle School applicants. We recommend a good night’s sleep, comfortable clothing, and a relaxed atmosphere prior to arrival. Preschool boys should be told they are going to do some of the things that big boys do before entering school with no focus on testing. However, Upper School applicants should visit the SSAT website for practice questions and the boys should be encouraged to work diligently, to do their best, and to ask questions about things that interest them.
  • Q. What kind of accreditation does St. Christopher’s have?

    The School holds memberships in the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools, the Enrollment Management Association, the International Boys' School Coalition and the National Association for College Admission Counseling.
  • Q. How do you describe your coordinate program?

    A cooperative relationship between St. Catherine’s and St. Christopher's strengthens both programs. Both schools are committed to single-sex education for grades JK-8 with some joint activities and trips. Both schools benefit from coeducational classes in grades 9-12. Two faculties provide a broad and rich academic program while remaining two small schools that know their students well. Curriculum coordination during earlier years allows students to come together easily in Upper School, and every Upper School student will have at least one coed class.
  • Q. Does the school have an endowment? How large is it?  How successful is your annual giving program?

    The school's endowment totaled $62 million as of July 1, 2017.  St. Christopher’s continues to be recognized nationally for the outstanding support of its alumni. During the 2016-2017 school year, their gifts plus those of current parents, faculty, and friends totaled $1.64 million for annual giving in honor of our boys.
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