Rising Seniors Get a Head Start on College Applications

StC's Scott Mayer helps rising seniors prepare for a busy year with summer college application prep.
With the school year quickly approaching, our rising seniors at St. Christopher’s School will have their hands full. Academics, service and sports have always kept them busy, but this year, they’ll have something extra to consider: making time to apply to colleges. 

No two college application processes are the same. From letters of recommendation to interviews, students are confronted with a dizzying range of requirements, and the criteria for every school can vary significantly. However, starting early in the summer can make a world of difference, and that’s where Scott Mayer, Associate Director of College Counseling, comes in. 

Every August, Mayer holds college application prep sessions on campus to help soon-to-be seniors navigate the ins and outs of applying to colleges. “Senior year is going to get busy fast,” said Mayer. “Getting a head start during the summer helps them feel organized. Instead of the process controlling them, they control the process.” 

In groups or individually, Mayer helps soon-to-be-seniors navigate their college applications. So far, approximately half of the incoming senior class has participated in at least one group session and roughly a quarter more have come in for individual guidance. “It’s helpful having this dedicated time slot,” said Jonathan Phares, a rising senior. 

Mayer provides personalized help with meeting deadlines, writing essays and making sure students are paying attention to the application fine print. Some schools require academic letters of recommendation, and some require personal letters, for example. Students commonly apply to several colleges, and the process can quickly become confusing or overwhelming. 

However, he believes that if rising seniors get a head start on the process, not only will their applications be better, their senior year at StC will be better. “With everything in the school year coming up, the most valuable thing I can provide for them is time.”
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