Giving to St. Christopher's

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  • Annual Giving

    Tuition covers only 87% of the operating budget – the balance 13% of non-tuition revenue, is comprised of philanthropy (annual giving and endowment) and auxiliary income. Annual Giving funds are used to purchase such items as art and music supplies, library books, computer software and hardware, and athletic equipment. Annual Giving also serves to supplement faculty benefit packages so that St. Christopher’s can attract and retain the best teachers available.
  • Endowment Giving

    The general endowment provides a permanent source of income that supplements tuition and philanthropic revenue. This endowment enhances the educational program, supports faculty compensation and professional development, increases financial aid and provides financial stability in times of economic uncertainty. Named scholarships and prizes, the Foreign Teachers Fund, masterships, and chairs are used to recognize outstanding student performance, support continuing education for faculty, reward master teachers, and enrich the educational program in numerous ways.
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  • Gift Planning

    Planned gifts take many forms, each tailored to suit the needs of the donor.

Other Methods of Giving

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  • Bequest Language for Estate Planning

    Specific Bequest: St. Christopher's is named to receive a certain amount of cash or property from a donor's estate.
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  • Other personal property

    Artwork, antiques, rare books and other valued collections currently qualify for charitable deductions when their use relates to the education that St. Christopher’s provides.
  • Real Estate

    You can make an outright gift of your residence or other real estate to St. Christopher’s School and qualify for a charitable deduction. A gift of real estate enables you to realize substantial savings on capital gains tax on the appreciation of the property, and provides an immediate income tax deduction.
  • Securities

    If you hold appreciated securities, you can make an outright gift to St. Christopher’s and receive a deduction for the full fair market value, and avoid a capital gain tax liability. To make a gift of securities: Gifts of securities are dated based on the day they are received in the St. Christopher's School account at Davenport & Company LLC. Click READ MORE for transfer instructions and contact information for questions about stock gifts.
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Annual Giving Gift Club Levels

The Leadership Society:
Visionary ($15,000+)
21st Century ($10,000)
Founder ($5,000)
Hour Donor ($3,375)*
*Cost of operating the school for one hour
Headmaster ($2,500)
Master ($1,700)
Challenger ($1,250)
Young Alumni Leaders ($500)
Between the classes of 2010-2020.

Gift Clubs:
Monogram ($750)
Patrons ($500)
Red & Gray ($250)
Associate ($150)
Contributor ($1 to $149)
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