St. Christopher's and St. Catherine's have long records of success in single-sex education. We're experts, respectively, in teaching boys and girls in distinct environments that allow each to flourish best. We were definitely ahead of our time given that 21st-century research on brain development and gender differences has confirmed the value of single-sex education. For example, boys are more action oriented and are quick to grasp spatial and mechanical relationships.

Classroom education in our Lower and Middle Schools is single sex, allowing boys and girls to learn in the environment most appropriate for them at these ages. Boys and girls in these grades are brought together in a spirit of fun for fellowship, service projects and the arts. Extended Day, our coed after-school program, begins at junior kindergarten and continues through grade 8.

While we believe that single-sex education is the ideal learning environment for Lower and Middle School students, we also know that ultimately men and women will live and work together for the rest of their lives. Both of our schools collaborate in a program designed to bring boys and girls together at points in their intellectual, physical and emotional development when it is to their advantage.

We call this The Coordinate Program.

An Empowering Coordination in Our Upper Schools

In Upper School, we fully integrate our academic curricula. At the same time, our distinct schools provide separate leadership opportunities and sustain the supportive advisor relationships that students have developed in their respective schools. We offer Upper School students a wide array of classes and teachers, enabling them to discover their individual paths.

Shared Values and Resources

Our schools share the richness of our distinct traditions and a commitment to the most thorough and relevant JK to 12 education a student or parent could hope to find. We share core values of honor, leadership, respect for individuals, and spirituality. Together and separately, we have a strong sense of community. Each school deeply values attention to the individual student through a support network of teachers, advisors, and coaches who provide opportunities for growth, a safe place to make mistakes, and wise guidance throughout a child's school experience. We have intentionally designed our campus and facilities in a complementary fashion that serves students and unites families with children at both schools.

Making All the Difference in the World

Virtually 100 percent of our students go on to attend four-year colleges and universities, often at some of the nation's most prestigious institutions. The achievements of our students are widely acknowledged as they move on to higher education, adult lives and diverse careers and make important contributions to the community, nation and world.

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Our Coordinate Program yields powerful statistics and opportunities:


  • 98% of Upper School students in coed classes
  • 370 combined classes, including AP tests in 23 subjects
  • 60% of seniors score a 4 or 5 on AP exams
  • 50 Nat. Merit & Nat. Achievement Semifinalists (1999-2008)
  • 94 teachers in our combined Upper School faculties
  • 66 Upper School teachers hold graduate degrees
  • Shared programs in theater, music, dance and the visual arts
  • Shared indoor and outdoor track, indoor pool, tennis and climbing facilities
  • Joint Halsey Waterman Outdoor Educational Program



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