The nonprofit GOA, started by a small group of forwardthinking independent schools in 2011, now includes more than 50 member schools in 10 countries and offers more than 30 semester-long and yearlong courses, ranging from neuropsychology to Arabic.
St. Christopher’s participation in the Global Online Academy (GOA) is our newest venture to enhance learning and grow our mission. We recognize that preparing boys for leadership in a dynamic, interconnected world requires our programming to evolve and expand. This latest initiative supports our strategic focus on creative thinking and problem solving, technological savvy, intellectual risk taking, global engagement, empathy, and collaboration.

Upper School faculty Carey Pohanka and Karen Wray have taken on new responsibilities in working with GOA students to ensure they have the tools required to succeed in an online environment and are proactive in managing their time. The partnership also provides professional development opportunities to faculty.
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