Second Century Vision

St. Christopher's will be a global leader in understanding boys, engaging and teaching them effectively, and developing in them the strength of character, wisdom, and life skills required to succeed in college and to make a positive impact as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Strong Foundation

We have prepared boys for lives of leadership for over 100 years.
St. Christopher's School enters its second century having demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the philosophy of educating the whole boy--in mind, body, and spirit.  Moving forward, we will maintain an emphasis on those things that we have done well, beginning first and foremost with the development of personal honor and integrity.  Building on our fundamental core beliefs is critical to success in our second century.  But this rapidly changing world needs even more.

Core Beliefs

We love and understand boys.
We take pride in our Whole Boy approach to education.
We are committed to academic excellence and preparing boys both for college and for life.
We recognize that we are part of something greater than ourselves.
We value the power of relationships and community.
We believe that every boy has both the capacity and responsibility to have a positive impact on the world around him.
We care most about developing young men who possess character and integrity.

Preparation for Tomorrow

We must now prepare our boys to lead in a dynamic, interconnected world.
Our educational philosophy and programming will continue to evolve and grow as we position the boys for future leadership.  We will foster the wisdom--where academic rigor and judgment meet--and personal qualities necessary for our boys to make a tangible difference in our shrinking global community, with emphasis on those qualities of increasing importance in today's world.

The Center for the Study of Boys

St. Christopher's major advancement in boys' education

A catalytic gift from parents of the Class of 2014 and members of the Board of Governors launched The Center for the Study of Boys — an extension of the school's unwavering commitment to being a global leader in the education of boys.

Priority Areas of Focus

Honor and Integrity
Creativity Thinking and Problem Solving
Intellectual Curiosity and Risk Taking
Empathy and Collaboration
Global Engagement
Technological Savvy

Essential Qualities for Second-Century Leaders


Honor and Integrity
Personal Responsibility
Strong Work Ethic
Respect for Others
Commitment to Service


Intellectual Curiosity and Risk Taking
Sound Judgment
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
Research and Analysis
Ability to Apply Core Knowledge
Thoughtful Opinions Based on Experience and Evidence
Technological Savvy

Life Skills

Articulate Communication
Adaptability and Openness to Change
Empathy and Collaboration
Organization and Self-management
Self-awareness, Confidence and Courage
Sense of Humor
Global Citizenship
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