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St. Christopher’s recognizes the changing needs of boys at every age by maintaining three separate libraries, each equipped with a variety of resources to complement the curriculum and staffed by skilled librarians who work closely with students and teachers. The school’s libraries house a combined collection of over 41,000 print and non-print materials and provide online access to the library catalogs and subscription reference tools, including encyclopedias and periodical databases. Librarians at all levels at St. Christopher’s collaborate with one another and with their sister school, St. Catherine’s, to provide a cohesive library program.

Lower School Library
Boys, books … and Legos? Lower School boys come to the library to hear stories, to check out books for pleasure and purpose, to work on homework and research projects, and yes, to display their Legos and other creative projects. With several computers available for student use, the library is a busy gathering place throughout the school day.

Two librarians introduce young boys to a wide range of literature as a means of enjoyment and exposure to the world around them, and assist teachers by enhancing the school curriculum with a variety of materials.

Special events such as author, illustrator, and storyteller visits, as well as the highly anticipated Book Fairs, help build excitement about reading. Visit the lower school library web page to find photos from past events, summer reading lists, and announcements about upcoming programs.

Middle School Library
The Wilton Hall Middle School Library is full of age appropriate books, audio books, videos, and CD-ROMs, which support the academic curriculum and aid in teaching research skills and strategies. Bibliographic citations, using the library catalog and mastering Internet web research are some of the topics the middle school librarian teaches. Sixth graders are given a library orientation, and library research skills are refined and reinforced the following two years. The full-time librarian assists in reading programs and posts summer reading lists on the Middle School Library Homepage.

Upper School Library
The Upper School Memorial Library plays a vital role in the daily life of Upper School students. While supporting the reading and research needs of both students and faculty, the library also provides a quiet place for students to do homework, study, work on projects, and relax. Computer workstations located throughout the library can be used to check the library’s catalog, search reference databases, write a paper, or search the Internet. Two full-time librarians provide library instruction to individuals and classes, assist in research, make referrals to nearby libraries when needed, and prepare a collection of materials to support the Upper School curriculum. As boys graduate, they leave St. Christopher’s prepared to conduct research at the next educational level.

Library Database Access
To access databases, library catalogs and online resources, please log in to SaintNet and go to the Resource Page. Next, click on Libraries.
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